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published August 18, 2004

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Paul Wright images

Paul Wright is the owner and lead photographer of Paul wright Images

Nine-year-olds usually have a pretty simple work agenda – playtime.

Paul Wright, on the other hand, was a nine-year-old with a career plan. "I will be a Photographer", says Wright.

Sure, he was his father’s pride and joy as a boxer for nine years – being invited to the 1992 Olympic Trials and fighting on the same All Star Amature show as Lennox Lewis – but all Wright could think of from nine to his late teens was his obsession with wanting a camera.

"All I wanted was a camera in my hands … after starting high school and getting involved in my first photography class … landing a co-op opportunity at the Burlington Post Newspaper with my mentor Ron … boxing was history," says Wright, owner and lead photographer of Paul Wright Images. The group includes the team photographer for the B.C. Lions, has shot the Molson Indy, and the CART Series.

Wright, a candid photo journalist, is also a highly sought after wedding and events photographer who creates images "the way a photo journalist would for a magazine."

I look for the photos that capture the inside story – the reaction photos of both the marrying couple plus all those in attendance," says Wright.

Wright and his hand-picked colleagues have gone high tech with the addition of short wave radios for communication between photographers (think secret service) at your event to ensure the smallest moment is never overlooked and the photographers don’t take attention away from the main event.

"If I’ve seen the moment (without my camera) that means I’ve missed the shot," says Wright.

Mostly self-taught, Wright mentions that while traditional schooling was not the route for his non-traditional style of candid photography, he did learn a lot from watching and understanding how photographers manipulated lights, found impossible angles and took advantage of natural light.

"I see the shot already printed. It’s a combination of technical and story telling techniques … identifying the theme, raw emotion … the extra edge that makes it a knockout story photo rather than a staged one," says Wright.

Wright has plans of sharing his non-traditional candid photography by hiring co-op students and has even hired Ron Kuzyk, his childhood mentor, to work on Shooter4Hire projects – not to mention he’s got his Grade 10 teacher’s wedding lined up for October.

For information visit http://www.paulwrightimages.com or call Paul Wright at 905-616-3876.

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